About Patti

I was born in Brazil, but lived in France for some years before moving to Canada. Life opportunities ended up bringing me to Singapore, where I live today. Now I see every phase of life almost as a "reincarnation” where I loose some friends and basically have to learn how to speak (and behave) again.  With each new cycle, another farewell and a new beginning.

Some insights along the road brought me to the realisation that we cannot define ourselves by our nationality, career, or roles in life. Tripping Unicorn is my attempt of not taking life too seriously.







                 About the blog

In the last years, my passion for travel has only grown and I recently started writing about expat life experiences and curious itineraries. This blog is intended to travelers interested in unusual places and less popular roads (although it's not always easy to escape the obvious).

Some posts reflect personal adventures but always sharing addresses and tips. Other posts reflect what life looks like in other parts of the world, since I have lived on four continents in the last fifteen years. From time to time I may be also writing a lot of blah blah opinions, but you can disregard that part.





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